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Around this time of year I find two things happen:

1. I get VERY busy with holiday events and life in general.
2. Due to the cold winter weather my skin gets dry and my lips are chapped even though I lather them with a lip moisturizer.

As always I looked into what I had in the fridge as well as my pantry and whipped up this fabulous at home spa treatment using Regular sugar and Coconut Oil. Here is what’s involved.

Step One – pour about 1/4 cup of sugar into a small bowl (preferably plastic) and bring it in the bathroom with you when you go to take a shower.

Step Two: just before you take your shower grab the coconut oil from your fridge and scrape out about 3- 4 table spoons of the oil and leave it in a little dish and let it soften while you take your shower.

Step Three: While in the shower use the sugar as a scrub on the skin of your face, lips, an body. Once you wash the sugar off you’ll notice right away how much softer your skin will feel!

Step Four: towel dry from the shower and use the coconut oil as your moisturizer for your body as well as for your lips. The oil will literally disappear into your skin and leave it feeling so nice. The bonus of it all – although there may be snow on the ground you’ll feel (and smell might I add) like a tropical paradise!

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