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Hi there! Lets talk makeup that will stand the test of heat and sweat!

I was leaving my house this morning dressed in layers when I realized that yes indeed – it is SUMMER! WOO-HOO!!!! I love summer! I love the greenery, clear roads (no snow or ice on the roads where I come from is a celebration all on its own.) I also love the change of wardrobe (which I epically failed at this a.m. but thankfully summer is just beginning in my part of the world), sandals, capris and sun dresses. I love the perpetual BBQ season – somehow in my household we tend to throw everything on the grill – why not? Oh, I also love the sound of the ice cream truck. It makes me as excited as a kid again and creates a sense of urgency to run outside and buy ice cream. Its, hot, its beautiful, and then it creeps up on you out of nowhere – your makeup is suddenly melting off of your face in teeny tiny little beads of sweat. In today’s edition of Vick’s Picks I am sharing with you my 3 go to makeup products that stand up to heat and sweat.

1. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water– I have recently discovered this gem by pure accident. Truth be told I was actually looking for a completely different product but instead this literally fell into my lap as I accidentally tripped over the Smashbox display case at my drug store. This spray is a double duty product. When you spray it on your moisturized skin it acts as your face primer. The reason you want to use a face primer is because it smooths out your skin and prepares it for the makeup that you will be wearing. Also, a primer creates a protective shield between your bare skin and actual makeup and it is also terrific for keeping makeup in place for a long period of time.

Smashbox Phot Finish Primer WaterThe second duty that this spray performs is it is also a setting spray! A setting spray is kind of like hair spray for your face (PLEASE DO NOT USE HAIR SPRAY ON YOUR FACE! Ever!) Once you finish applying all of your makeup just spray the Photo Finish Primer Water over it, fan yourself for a few seconds and BOOM! You have now sealed your makeup for the rest of the day!

The proof – I have been using this spray both before I apply makeup and after and it really does keep my face on all day! I workout during the day and I have noticed that although I am sweating (YES! I am working hard, WOO-HOO!) my makeup never fades.

Price and value – this product is selling for $37 CDN. Although it is at a higher price point as far as primers/setting sprays are concerned keep in mind that you are basically getting a two for one since it is a primer and a setting spray in one bottle. As the Weekend tells us – ‘Girl you’ve earned it’.

  1. Voluminous False lashes Mascara – I’ll admit, I have been a bit of a drug store mascara snob over the last little while. Although I have always known that there are amazing drug store mascaras out there, I chose other brands instead. Well, was I in for a treat when I discovered this mascara! Again, I was actually looking for a different mascara but the name of this mascara caught my eye and I decided to give it a go.IMG_3783



What it does – it’s a beautiful mascara that lengthens your lashes   without clumping them. It also adds volume. It is NOT waterproof nor does it claim to be, however, it does stay put in heat activated situations. I will use my workout example again.

The proof – My workout buddy and I do these insane HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. By the end of the workout I am covered in sweat. I have purposely packed q-tips and makeup remover with me in the event that I need to clean up any mascara that I thought could run from sweat. Nothing! No smudging, no racoon eyes, my mascara was exactly where it needed to be – on my lashes.

Price and value – this mascara cost me $14.99 CDN. It’s definitely not a cheapy as far as drug store mascaras go but so far it has been worth every penny.

  1. MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme – I have recently transitioned from a brow pencil to using this product for my eye brows. I am very particular about eye brow products as to me there is nothing more annoying than realizing that half of your eye brow has melted off of your face.




What it does – According to MAC’s description on their website it is a “long-wearing waterproof gel in a pot that gives precise definition to brows”. This is true! This brow gelcreme comes in 5 colors: Ash Blond, Deep Dark brunette, Dirty Blonde, Redhead, and True Brunette. I use the Dirty Blonde shade as it matches my hair color to a T! I do want to warn you that anytime you are working with a gelcreme or a pomade you need a little bit of practice as things can get messy very fast. Having said that, once you master the gelcreme you will be in eyebrow love..with your eyebrows.

The proof – as with the previous two products this brow gelcreme stands through the test of my HIIT workout sweat. My eyebrows stay on no matter what. I also have tested this with taking a nap while my makeup is on and when I wake up my eyebrows are still on….point. You can easily wash this product off with water and a gentle makeup cleanser.

Price and Value – MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme is priced at $19 CDN per pot. When applying this product a little goes a long way which will help your product last for a long time.

If you are on a search for  great heat/sweat proof makeup product then I highly recommend giving these a try.

Did I help you? Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ll be trying one of these products in the near future.

Do you already have a favorite heat/sweat-proof product that you swear by? Tell us in the comments below what your favorite product is and why you love it.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I am incredibly excited to continue sharing these  beauty and makeup knowledge nuggets with you and helping you be even more extraordinary then you already are.

Oh and one last thing, if you liked this post please forward it to a friend who is looking to step up their makeup game or someone who is looking for makeup and beauty help and advice straight from the source.


Stay Beautiful,


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