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 Fall! I am talking about the Fall here. What did you think I was talking about? Silly!!!

Hi there!

Welcome to September 1! As much as I don’t want to say farewell to the summer, the Fall is SUCH a beautiful season. It’s still relatively warm for some time, as the leaves start changing colors the trees look magical. Oh! And what about the wardrobe change up? Sure we have to wear pants and stockings and long sleeves but its this time of year when fashion is at its best, and with fashion of course comes the makeup change up for the fall.

Is it a big deal to change things up? Not really! In the summer we want to look tanned, glowing, sun-kissed, you know, refreshed! In the Fall however is when you really can have some fun with makeup. Lip colors get deeper, smoky eyes are all the rage, and the look of flushed cheeks  is what Fall makeup is all about.

Updating your makeup bag for the Fall shouldn’t be a complete overhaul. Rather, a gentle transition that will carry you all the way through winter. Here are the main updates you want to make.


Deep Red Lips

Deep Red/Burgundy Lips


Typically lip colors for the Fall are deeper. The trends for the Fall of 2015 are no exception. What you want to do is either pull out your favorite red (or wine color) lipstick and switch that out for the nude glosses or pink lip stains that you used in the summer. Be brave here, everyone can wear some version of a red lipstick. I personally look best in something with a hint of purple or brown in it, however, you might look absolutely stunning in a brick red. You know the lipstick is the wrong color if it makes you look washed out. On the other hand, if you put your lipstick on and you notice an extra sparkle in your eye – that’s the one!



A tip from me to you –  if there is a shade of red, or burgundy, or coral that you absolutely love but can’t pull it off on your lips – put it on your nails!IMG_0346 For example, I LOVE orange! I have tried to wear orange clothing and the color doesn’t do me justice. I have attempted to wear orange or coral lipsticks and its the same story – NOT MY COLOR!!!! However, wearing orange on my nails, is a whole other ball game. I don’t need to match it or have it flatter my skin tone. On my nails, orange looks just fine.



LinersBlack liner is back with a vengeance!Black Liner Feel free to rim your eyes with that black! I am seeing a lot of interesting eye liner techniques and some of them are crazy fashionable, however, if you want to take it easy stick with applying a black kohl like pencil in upper and lower lash line, and on your bottom lash water line. If you like a cat eye, you’ll want to switch from a kohl pencil to either a liquid or a gel eye liner for best results. The point being is Black is BACK!



IMG_0349Shadows – this season is a great time to either do a smoky eye or something metallic. Now, metallic doesn’t mean going crazy (unless you want to). Try pairing something like a metallic gold,  a champaign color or silver (whatever looks the prettiest on you) with a matte (non-shimmery) color in your crease. You can also bring some of the matte color (so like a plain dark brown, grey, or even plum) juuuust below your lower lash line and blending the color with your eye liner. That will be an amazing smoky eye with a sparkly twist. Sparkly lid, smoky crease and bottom lash-line.



Cheeks: IMG_0350

This Fall contouring is not as much of a focus as the flushed cheeks look. Put away your bronzers and stick to a more natural peachy or pinky cheek. Think of the “I was just outdoors” look. This look is so simple, fresh and natural! Just wait and see how many kisses you’ll get on those lovely cheeks of yours. SMOOCH SMOOCH SMOOCH!!!!!




There! These three simple swaps will automatically update your look from Summer to Fall. Take it easy and try one technique at a time. Maybe today do the flushed cheeks with a darker lipstick, tomorrow try the eye liner and the next day try the metallic/matte smoky eye shadows. If you’re going out on the town put the lips, eyes, and cheeks together.

Did I help you? Leave a comment below and let me know which of the Summer to Fall transitions will you try next? Lips? Eyes? Cheeks? All of these? I also have some recommendations of products to try so if that’s something that you’re interested in leave a comment below and let me know if you want me to provide my picks for lips, eyes, cheeks, or all of them.


xoxo, Victoria

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