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Hi there!

How are things this week? What exciting activities are you part-taking in this beautiful summer? Are you camping? Glamping (glamping is a fancy version of camping with catered food, fine wine, bathrooms, showers, full access to your makeup bag…but in nature)? Whatever it is that you’re up to I hope that you are enjoying yourself!

But lets cut to the chase: have you gone to Sephora since this post? If you have, tell me  – how did it go? Did you find your way around a bit better? Did you follow the tips and the shopping map that I gave you? In case you need a refresher on the lay of the Sephora land, check out this blog post. 

Today we are completing the Sephora series with Part Two of How to Shop Sephora Like a Pro. My hope for you is that once you are done reading these blog posts you will realize that Sephora isn’t scary at all. In Part Two we are talking about Sephora’s Loyalty Programs called Beauty Insider, VIB, and VIB Rouge. I will also share with you the no charge way of trying Sephora products before you buy them. Lets start things off with the first Loyalty Program – Beauty Insider.

 Beauty InsiderBeauty Insider Gift Image this is a free to join loyalty program  where you provide your name and e-mail address to sign up. Every time you shop at Sephora you earn points. You can collect your points and redeem them starting with 100 points and going all the way up to 500 point mark. In exchange for redeeming your points you’ll get some sort of a product – whatever is being featured at the counter or ONLINE at that time. Also, you’ll get access to special seasonal promotions such as receiving a 15% discount off your purchase.

Being a Beauty Insider also gets you access to free in store makeup classes. Now, here is how you get to feel even more special – every year a Beauty Insider receives a special Birthday Gift any time during the whole month of your Birthday (you’ll get an e-mail about two weeks before your actual Birthday letting you know that your gift is ready and waiting to be picked up.) Now, if you spend $350 in a year you then become a VIB – Very Important Beauty Insider.

VIB Listing - e-mail largeVIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) – I’ll never forget when I finally reached that magical moment of being a Sephora VIB. I was shopping at a Sephora in Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A. and as my items were scanned at the counter, the lovely Sephora employee suddenly pulled out this silver membership card that said VIB on it and handed it to me. She also gave me all sorts of freebies and an additional discount card for my next purchase at Sephora. The way I felt at that moment is how I imagine people feel when they win big money playing the slots in a Vegas Casino – flashing lights, loud cha-ching sounds, applause and overwhelming joy filled my heart all at once!

Ok, ok I know I digressed! When you reach the VIB status at Sephora you receive all of the perks of being a Beauty Insider plus you’re the first to know about new products that are about to emerge on the market, actual seasonal VIB gifts (REMEMBER: at the Beauty Insider level you were in on the promotionsnow you get gifts!) AND! VIB members get to attend VIB ONLY shopping events! As a VIB member, once you spend $1000 in a calendar year you then unlock the VIB Rouge status.

VIB Rouge Listing - e-mail largeVIB Rouge – Sephora says that” VIB Rouge is for the serious makeup addicts”. This might surprise you but I am not at this level…..yet (insert silly grin here). Ok so VIB Rouge gets you all of the perks of a Beauty Insider, all of the perks of VIB, free shipping on ALL of your online purchases (this only works in U.S. and Canada). You also receive unlimited access to the Sephora Beauty Studio. The Beauty Studio is premium level services of either a Custom Makeover – 45 minute makeover (outside of VIB Rouge this is available with a minimum $50 dollar purchase) or a Personal Beauty Advisor – 90 minute consultation and a shopping session (outside of VIB this is available with a $125 purchase). Keep in mind – to get these you are spending at least $1000/annually or paying for each service separately. You can also book a makeover, a consultation and a shopping trip with me and receive a ViP Treatment Experience without dropping a $1000 bucks a year on lipsticks and you can do it from the comfort of your own home! If you want more info on how we can do this together just CONTACT me and I will explain all the details.

All right, I got off topic again – back to Sephora. Now, Sephora does take care of everyone, regardless if you are a Beauty Insider, a VIB or a VIB Rouge.

The 15 minute try before you buy – Do you remember how in Part One I said you need a Plan, a List and a Budget? Let’s say you put all three together but you don’t know what color of foundation you need, or how a particular lipstick will look with you unique skin tone. Sephora will give you a complimentary 15 minute makeup session. Take my advice on this and use your 15 minutes!!!! This way you will know exactly what you are buying, how it looks on you, and in those 15 minutes you can learn a lot of valuable information from the Sephora staff. Hey, I do this too! I am especially particular if I am buying new eye brow products and face foundations. If it’s not my perfect match I am not buying it!

Sephora Online – Sephora does have an online store! In fact, if Sephora is too far away from home but you still want to get in on all of the Sephora action this is a nice and convenient perk for you. When you buy makeup from Sephora online your shipping is free if you spend $75 or more. (REMEMBER: the $75 dollar minimum is waived at the VIB Rouge level) Also, I have been advised that you receive more goodies to sample as opposed to what you would receive from the physical store.
There you have it, my dear! You are now fully equipped to Shop Sephora like a Pro. In Part One I shared with you a shopping map and basic navigation around the store and in this Part Two I shared with you the different levels of the Sephora loyalty programs as well as how to try different makeup products at Sephora before you buy any of them.  And to think, what once was a small perfume boutique is now a world-wide cosmetics empire!

Did I help you? Leave a comment below and let me know what you love about shopping at Sephora the most! If you’ve never even stepped foot in a Sephora before let me know  by leaving a comment if this post has given you enough information for you to walk into that store and shop it like a pro!
Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I am incredibly excited to continue sharing these little beauty and makeup knowledge nuggets with you and helping you be even more extraordinary then you already are.
Oh and one last thing, if you liked this post please forward it to a friend who is looking to step up their makeup game or someone who is looking for makeup and beauty help and advice.



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