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Well hello there!

How are things in your neck of the woods?

I hope everything is amazing on your end!!!!

Spring is on our doorstep and with that I personally get an extra burst of energy to go out, be social and with that of course comes my desire to play with makeup.

I remember when I first started dabbling in makeup I was so confused on the overload of information. This was especially true for me when it came to eye makeup. I mean, how was I supposed to know that there are different brushes, different textures of eye shadows, and above all – how was it that I would see ladies with beautiful eye looks and any time I myself attempted it I just looked kind of…nuts? Well, that’s where today’s post comes in!

Today I share with you a step by step eye easy eye shadow tutorial. I call it a day look but truthfully once you learn and practice this simple eye shadow application technique you’ll be able to create any type of look you’d like for any occasion! Day! Night – what have you! The world is your oyster! Click the video link below to watch this tutorial!


Make sure to watch until the very end as I also give you an awesome and easy solution to cleaning up any eye shadow mistakes without erasing half of your face!

Once you’re done watching I want you to practice this technique! Go to your bathroom, or wherever your beauty station happens to be in your home and start practicing applying eye shadows using THIS technique. Be patient with yourself and keep practicing!

I also want to hear from you right here on the blog – did this technique help you? What else would you like to learn? Leave a comment right below this post with your feedback.

Thank you so much for watching, reading, and sharing. If you’re liking these tutorials please share them with your friends and have them SIGN UP to be part of the ViP Treatment Makeup and Beauty Inner Circle.




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