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Bring Your Own Makeup Bag Workshop

Ladies!!!! Do you have more makeup then you know what to do with? Or, do you keep using the same 2-3 makeup products and you are ready to change things up? Introducing, Bring Your Own Makeup Bag Workshops! When: Saturday, September 21, 2013 and Saturday, September 28,... read more

How to organize your makeup

Hello Beautiful People! Well this summer sure has kept me busy. I have been running around, in and out of Edmonton for work and for fun and I noticed that after such a hectic schedule all of my makeup and brushes would be sitting in either makeup travel cases or... read more

The foundation of foundation

Hello everyone, A quick tip on foundation application. The key to achieving that flawless complexion is to apply just enough foundation to even everything out. I see some ladies wearing waaaaay more foundation then necessary and girlfriends – don’t hide... read more

Vic’s Picks – Sunless Tanning Gel

Hello Beautiful People! Please excuse my long absence from the blog. I took a little vacation, did some fun makeup stuff like a very beautiful bridal party where the bride looked like she walked off the cover of a magazine and did some fun photography with a fellow... read more

The truth about plastic surgery

Hello everyone! I thought I would do a post about plastic surgery and my point of view on it. I would like to start off by saying that I personally have never had a procedure completed on me, however, I know others that have. In addition with it becoming so readily... read more

A little about me and a little about makeup

Hello everyone, Thank you for stopping by and visiting my website and this blog. I wanted to make the first post more of an introduction of myself, why I do what I do and what you can expect from this blog. I am Victoria Perelman and I am a makeup artist here in... read more

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