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I hope you’re enjoying some peace in the midst of all the daily chaos that life throws our way.

Today I want to tackle some of the reasons that I’ve heard from women that don’t wear makeup. The reason I want to talk about these is because if you don’t wear makeup regularly, you’ll likely see your reasoning in the 5 I’m talking about here. My goal is to help you realize that makeup can be easy, fun and quick. More importantly though, wearing makeup for me has always been and always will be an expression of self love and I want it to be the same for you! It sounds crazy but I personally feel like a human once my eyebrows are all done. I know I’m not alone here and the makeup application ritual is different from one woman to the next. Let’s dive into the reasons why some women don’t wear makeup… And why I suggest that they start.

Reason # 1: I don’t have time – ah yes! The time thing. Listen, I get it. You probably have a jam-packed schedule. Maybe you have a long commute to work and you rush out at the crack of dawn to catch your bus because the other one isn’t coming for another half hour. Or maybe, you are a busy Mommy who has other people to get ready and out the door. Whatever the case may be, you ALWAYS have time for lip gloss! Think about it! Wouldn’t it feel amazing to show up wherever it is that you’re heading and feel more put together then you did when you left the house? Maybe while you’re on the bus you can grab your favourite lip gloss out of your purse and apply it during your commute. You’re on that bus for a while so make the best use of your time! Perhaps once you drop the kiddos off to school you can spare a minute to stop. Take a deep breath in and out. Reach into your purse and grab that lip gloss. Check yourself in the rear view mirror and make them lips shiiinnnnnny! In my experience any sort of a lip product that has colour to it will spice up your face – no matter what. I know for a fact that once you start with simply a lip gloss or a lipstick every day, you will begin feeling more feminine almost instantly. I know because i’ve tested this on myself and the verdict is in. It works!

Reason # 2: I don’t know what i’m doing – I’m here to tell you that there’s no shame in admitting that you’re a rookie when it comes to wearing makeup. I remember when I first shared my business idea with someone who knew nothing about the beauty world they asked me a very interesting question: “well don’t women just know how to wear makeup?” To which I politely replied with “well, don’t men just know how to fix cars, houses, protect, chop wood, etc”? Yes we’re women and we are blessed to have makeup as tools in our female tool kit, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to apply makeup. There’s no shame in admitting that makeup really wasn’t your # 1 priority before. Here’s something very interesting though – makeup can seriously transform you. I’m not talking about masking imperfections. Makeup application is about bringing to light the exact  facial features that only YOU have. In this day and age makeup education is literally at your fingertips. You can always find a makeup tutorial online. My suggestion is though invest in yourself. Work with a professional who can teach you exactly what to do for your unique features. And besides, of all the lessons and training we take over the course of our lifetime – wouldn’t it be great to take a lesson that can produce immediate results? I’m going with yes, it would be fantastic

Reason # 3: My husband/boyfriend/partner  likes it when I’m natural – Of Course! I bet he likes you naked too but that doesn’t stop you from wearing clothes daily, does it? When applied correctly, not only can you look natural, but you will also look like the more polished version of yourself. AND! On those special occasions when you need to glam it up – GLAM it UP! The point being is when you leverage makeup as a tool in your female toolkit you can create any look you want – from sun kissed glow to red carpet ready! I’m pretty sure if you walked out of your bedroom dressed to kill with your hair and makeup all done, your sweety will gladly appreciate what he’s looking at.  Mmm…Hmmmm (nudge nudge, wink wink)

Reason # 4: I play sports and it just melts off – Here’s the thing: sweat and makeup shouldn’t been friends! I get it though: you want to look killer on and off the field/pool/court – whatever your sports gig is, but the truth is if you don’t wash your makeup off before getting your sweat on you not only are irritating your skin but you’re also wasting the effort of a well applied makeup job. To this I say – keep the makeup off your soccer jersey and put some on after you’re all showered up! Believe me! A fresh face is MUCH sexier then a face that sweated and has powder caked over the dry sweat. Icky.

Reason # 5: I’m allergic – in this case and this case only you might get a hall pass for not wearing makeup. Having said that – right now like never before there are so many natural, vegan, hypoallergenic makeup products out there that I’m certain you can find something that won’t hurt your precious, sensitive skin. First things first though – make an appointment with your doctor because your issues might be deeper than makeup allergies. Sometimes the reaction to makeup is actually a reaction to something you’re eating, or maybe your hormones are having a party that you weren’t invited to. If your doc determines that it really is a skin sensitivity concern then they can refer you to a dermatologist who will prescribe you a skin care routine. In addition, dermatologists are often hooked up with various makeup and skincare lines so they might have something to offer you right there in their office.

These 5 reasons are the ones I hear most often. Whatever your reasons are, break out of your comfort zone and try makeup! I can write pages and pages about how thankful I am that I know how to put myself together. I’m even more grateful that I can impart my knowledge onto you.

So here’s your homework: Once you’re done reading this post and you find yourself amongst the top 5 reasons noted above – take action! It doesn’t have to be a complicated look that you’re seeing all over Instagram. Start small. Today its lip gloss. Tomorrow it could be mascara. Before you know it? You are wearing makeup like a pro;)

Thank you very much for reading. I would love to hear from you – what are your reasons for not wearing makeup? if you are a makeup wearer – please share with others how wearing makeup makes you feel?

Please feel free to share this with anyone who in your opinion can use a little nudge in the right, makeup wearing direction.



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