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Hi there!

I hope you had an exceptionally wonderful holiday season and that you are ready to take the new year with a storm. I receive many different newsletters from many different websites and each and every one of them boasts that this will be MY year! And you know what? They are all on to something! I DO plan on making this a whole year of awesome!

I also have big plans for you with all sorts of makeup education, tips and techniques. I will get into those in other posts but now let’s get to the heart of the matter and recite your Top 10 Makeup and Beauty Resolutions to Keep this Year. I promise to keep them simple so that you can stick to these without any problems.

  1. I will wash my face twice a dayWashing face with hands – this year make it the year that you love your skin by washing your face with a gentle cleanser every morning and every evening!





    9.Face mask I will ONLY put things on my face that are good for my skin – I want to dedicate at least one post to  proper skin care this year and I really need you to pay attention to me, not the shiny advertisements that are,…ahem, misleading. This year vow to be smart about the skin care that you spend your money on. I will give you a little teaser by saying that…..expensive doesn’t ALWAYS mean better.

Woman applying eye cream


8. I will wear sunscreen rain or shine – This is a biggy! This is the only thing that will save you from wrinkles (other then surgery). If your foundation doesn’t have SPF please choose a moisturizer with a minimum of SPF15 in it.


  1. skin typesThis year I will know what my skin type is and how to properly care for my skin. Listen up: to some degree we all have sensitive skin. Having said that, if you have skin concerns like acne it could be due to what you are using for your skin care. If someone tells you that in order to achieve the best results your new face cream is supposed to make your skin tingle, itch or burn – that’s B.S. That’s like saying use eye drops that make your eyes sting! Nope! Nada! NOT True! As you truly discover your skin type (oily, dry, combination) and it’s specific needs, with the right skin care routine you can rid yourself of your skin concerns and achieve a healthy, young, glowing skin no matter what your age is.


  1.   VG Beauty This year I will learn how to match my foundation – OK! This is another big one. If there is one makeup technique to learn this year it’s how to match your foundation. It isn’t called foundation for no reason: it is your base and if your base is perfect, the rest is so much easier to pull together! I promise!


  1. Groomed eyebrowsThis year I will get my eyebrows under control. You might already have beautiful eye brows and if you do, then you can check this resolution off your list. however, if you are anything like me and your eyebrows need  enhancements then this is the year you will learn how to do it right!


  1. Smart Makeup ShoppingThis year I will buy makeup strategically. Given that I am familiar with various makeup lines and products I will share with you my favorite products that have multiple uses and how to recognize the different functions of one product. For example, you can have one eye shadow palette and use it as shadows, liners, and eye brow powders. It’s magical!




3.   makeup brushesI will get adult makeup brushes and clean them regularly. You know, I can’t stress this one enough that good quality brushes and the ability to use them properly will take your makeup from meh to WOWSERS! Yes, I said WOWSERS.





  1. Smokey Eye 1This year I will master the smokey eye makeup look. Smokey eye is the look that I get requested  the most and I will teach you a few different ways of how to do a smokey eye the easy way! On the count of three let’s do a Yippeee together. Ready? 1. 2. 3. Yippeeeee!!!!!




  1. IMG_0266.JPGThis year I will fearlessly wear eye liner. I feel like eye liner, especially liquid liner gets a bad rap and that’s sad. Eye line has the power to make your eyes look bigger, give you a seductive allure, and transform your look from day to night with a flick of your wrist. Having said that, if not applied correctly that same eyeliner has the ability to make you look tired, droopy-eyed or like a circus freak! So….lets learn how to wear eye liner and be fabulous, ok? Ok:)



Now, please don’t scare yourself and try to do all of these at once (unless you want to, of course).

Here is what I need you to do: leave a comment after this post and let me know which of these you will commit to this year?

Also, what else would you like to learn this year? Tell me in the comments below this post.

The last thing I want you to do is forward this to a friend, colleague, relative, basically anyone and everyone who is looking to be better at beauty without sacrificing too much time, energy or money!

“Makeup is fun, skin care is critical. The two combined can make beauty magic happen!”  – Victoria Perelman

Thank you so much for reading and sharing! I hope to see you next time as we start delving into these 10 makeup and beauty goals one by one!

Your Makeup and Beauty Go to Specialist





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